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CATS FOR CHANGE: It's Not About the Kibble by Dr. Cheryl Reed

CATS FOR CHANGE: It's Not About the Kibble

by Dr. Cheryl Reed

174 pages
The thinking cat's guide to the world of humans.

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Category: Animals:Cats
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About the Book
Have you ever wondered whether your cat knows more than he’s letting on?

He does. Here’s proof.

Get the inside scoop on a grassroots movement your cat may have already joined. Written by cats, for cats, this handbook gives you a peek into what cats are thinking. The authors’ frank advice and intimate knowledge of the feline psyche unleash the rich, often unacknowledged, creative and spiritual resource that stands begging for tuna in kitchens everywhere.

What cats are saying about It’s Not About the Kibble

If you buy only one feline mentoring book this year, this is it!
Tiger, Creative Consultant

This tightly focused guide to mentoring gives strategies you can sink your teeth into.
Blizzard, Inspector of Cabinets

This is not the cutesy cuddly cat thing. It's about the real stuff, both real cat stuff and real human stuff.
Rosie, Warehouse Mascot

Jasper is perceptive, laconic and wry - dry in his sense of humor, a cat of action and leadership. Four paws up.
Luna Fortuna, Black Cat News
~Honest reporting, on time, every time~



About the Author
Jasper, the big black tomcat who has become a feline self-help guru, teams up with his long-time human companion, Cheryl Reed, to offer this field guide to becoming a suburban power animal.



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