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Nothing Is Forbidden by Guy de Libreville

Nothing Is Forbidden

by Guy de Libreville

291 pages
A dark and comic vision of humanity's obsession with sex, violence and visitors from outer space. Terror, taboo and madness await in this twisted tale of nightmares made real.

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Category: Erotica
About the Book
A weird spider-like craft from another galaxy brings to earth thousands of the most beautiful women in the universe. Serving man's sexual appetites, the aliens have a sinister hidden agenda. As mankind warmly accepts these extraterrestrial lovers, the women of earth organize resistance. Is it too late, or can they save the universe itself from a fate worse than oblivion? Follow the adventures of a child prostitute, a newlywed - newly-widowed, a drug-addled prophet and a reluctant messiah as they journey through sexual discoveries, deadly challenges, brutal tests and an epic adventure of salvation. This book pounds the coffin lid closed on the 20th century.



About the Author
Guy de Libreville's erotic fiction has appeared in Hustler's Taboo Magazine. He is an author, painter and puppeteer. His pornographic paintings hang at Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy Gallery and in the Tool rehearsal studio in Los Angeles. His raunchy puppeteering can no longer be seen in Las Vegas.



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