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The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery (English Edition) by Chao C. Chien

The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery (English Edition)

by Chao C. Chien

362 pages
Evidence and analyses showing the Chinese first charted the world.

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Category: History
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About the Book
One of the most glorious chapters of European history, the Age of Discovery, is in fact also at once one of the most fabulous and least understood and least seriously researched periods of recent human past. The “stories” of Christopher Columbus and Magellan may be well-told, but these legends in fact enjoy scant factual support. Just how Columbus conceived of his notion to travel westward to reach Asia is still being debated, and many are unaware that Magellan never made it around the world. (He was killed in the present-day Philippines. His ships and crew completed the journey.)

Yet the answer has been preserved in documents from the period. It turns out the Chinese had already learned of the geography of the world by the thirteenth century, if not earlier. The conquering Mongols needed the information for their campaigns. This knowledge enabled the Ming to launch their magnificent voyages to the Western Ocean under the leadership of legendary Admiral Zheng He. The expeditions lasted twenty-seven years, and made strong impressions en route. After the death of Emperor Chengzu who initiated the exercise, the program was abruptly terminated. The great ships were destroyed and the shipyard razed. Records of the outings were removed and history was expunged. The Chinese lost their tradition completely.

Yet the knowledge of the world’s geography found their way to Europe, instigating kings and adventurers to go to sea, adopting the naval technologies from the Chinese. Less than half a century later with such guidance the Portuguese sailed to India and Columbus reached the Caribbean islands.

For the first time the extant historical documents and artifacts, preserved in Western intellectual institutions, have been meticulously gathered and analyzed. The resultant conclusions and pertinent evidence are systematically presented in the present volume.

The present research, based entirely on facts, (Mr. Chien, who values reasoning above all, loathes wanton speculations more so than the staunchest intellectual) thus poses a serious and direct challenge to established history. It also serves notice to educational institutions and textbook publishers that they must now find a way to accommodate the new findings or risk being accused of propagating falsehood in classrooms.


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About the Author
Chao C. Chien Chien was Born in Shanghai, China and raised in Hong Kong, Chien graduated from the University of Michigan majoring in engineering. After a career in engineering and computer consulting he now focuses on history and pre-history research and investigation.
Chien is a lifelong avid history enthusiast and resides in California.



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