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THE CITADEL CHRONICLES: Book One - A Queen Reborn by K.T. Moreis


by K.T. Moreis

402 pages
Life on the run gets complicated when dragons are involved.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
With the help of Joaquin and his notorious band of portal pirates, Citadel fugitives, Claire, a Soul Host, and her Guardian, Cole, reach the remote world known as Earth. Believing they have finally found a safe place, they settle down and make a new life in the Wild West frontier, living happily-ever-after running a saloon…

Until Claire discovers she unintentionally made off with the soul of Sabine, the assassinated Queen of Dragons. As the soul begins to emerge, Sabine makes her displeasure known by nearly killing Cole and otherwise wreaking havoc on the idyllic life the two fugitives made for themselves. Neither Claire nor Cole is prepared for the changes they’re about to face and the couple’s love is sorely tested.

But when the director of the Citadel lands on Earth, they must once again run for their lives and hope the dragons can get there before it’s too late.



About the Author
K.T. Moreis fell in love with the written word at an early age and the affair continues to this day. When she discovered the joy of writing her own stories, she knew she’d found what she wanted to do, and with her family’s encouragement, she’s doing it.



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