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by Peter Sacco

286 pages
What if you had a second chance at life and love?

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Touched By Grace is a love story which embraces Chris Simon’s altruistic love for Grace Foster. The two meet by chance one night in a hospital. Chris, years removed from being one of America’s most prominent young artists, battles his drinking demons as well as his cancer. Chris struggled with his premature success and popularity ducking into a reservoir of alcoholism obscurity. His brother, who represents Chris’ artistic interests and brotherly humanity, pushes Chris to keep on the A.A. wagon and fight the good fight. He believes if Chris really tries, he can become a successful artist again, while at the same time beating his cancer. His brother won’t let Chris die.

Chris wants to die! His alcoholism has been a slow and insidious process for not only killing his former identity of “artist”, but also to drown the demons that continually torment him. Chris feels suffocated by his inability to connect with a woman and fall in love. His constant loneliness eats away at his heart as the cancer eats away at his body. He can tolerate being alone, however the loneliness he experiences continues to be terminal.

Grace, a nurse and single mother has her own crosses to carry, one which is a questionable love for her husband to be, a political mogul. Grace became involved with Philip at a time in her life when she was not looking for a relationship. She was not looking for a man to father her son Eric, but she did like the fact Philip took to him. Grace never felt the magic of the sparks and chemistry which are evoked in any new relationship. In fact, she has always believed her relationship with Philip was the best she could do. In many ways, she feels she owes him for putting up with her and Eric. Over time, she grew to love Philip, but she still lacks a major quality in her feelings toward him…she is not in love with him!

The minute Chris saw Grace in the hospital he knew she was the one. She had been the one he dreamed of his whole life. In his head, he heard the angels sighing. He had to have her! She would accent his life in a way he had always wished for. Chris would pursue her even though she would reject him, be heartless to him and tell him to stay away from her. For the first time in his life, he really felt alive and wanted to live. He would have her.

There are many twists and pleasant surprises as the story unfolds. Perhaps one of the best surprises is Grace’s love for Chris. As Chris and Grace succumb to the sweetness of their love for each other, they experience how love can also qualify as a double-edged sword of bitterness. The pragmatic love Grace has for Philip is challenged by the altruistic, unbridled love Chris offers her. She has never felt so confused…the mental anguish chokes her always dependable rationality. How could she fall in love with a complete stranger when she is getting married to the man who has been good to her and her son?

The ultimate twist climaxes the story and is guaranteed to make you happy and sad. It is a very impacting love story--Crying is aloud!



About the Author
Peter Sacco Peter is a psychology professor, former private practitioner and author of many international popular selling books. He is also a regular resident expert on several television programs, having himself hosted the show Mental Health Matters for two years. He resides in Niagara Falls, Canada where he calls home.



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