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Survival by Scott Hudson


by Scott Hudson

278 pages
Family kidnap. Italian mafia, Russian mafia and NYPD war.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The setting for Survival is the power struggle within international organized crime as an emboldened Russian mafia seeks to expand outside its natural boundaries and gain a foothold in New York, the Cosa Nostra's established stamping ground.

The struggle for gangland dominance is seen through the lives of five men to whom we are first introduced as youngsters living in Brooklyn, in the mid '80's. Will, Neil, Chris, Hal and Collin, all troublemakers with a gift for bringing out the worst and best in one another, are, in their own way, also engaged in a struggle for being friends. Their friendship, a precarious balance of loyalty and self-ambition, amounting to a truce, really, is ever volatile, always in danger of falling off the tracks. Will, emerges as their de facto leader.

Fast forward to present day New York where the childhood buddies, are now hardened gangsters soldiering for the Italian mafia, posing as FBI. A pair of so-far ineffectual NYPD detectives are closely monitoring their criminal activities and scheming to entrap them and the organization they serve. The relatively stable status quo is upset when a group of "prospecting" Russian gangsters enters the picture. While seemingly intent upon negotiating some kind of turf-sharing arrangement with the Italians, their real purpose is to displace their rivals. Naturally suspicious the Italians are caught off guard. As they convene to study their options, the cunning Russians, having kidnapped Will's wife and daughter, present the husband/father with an ultimatum: unless he is prepared to assassinate the head of the Italian mafia his, Will's, family will be murdered. As it happens the Old Boss has been a true godfather to Will. Torn between loyalty to this man and love for his family, Will decides, with the help of his Neil, Chris, Collin and Hal to outwit the Russians and rescue the hostages, come what may. Just as he sees his way to achieving this goal, the interference of the two detectives, whose trap for their quarry misfires, throws everything into doubt. A series of sudden twists of plot, involving the police, the dueling crime organizations and the five friends brings Survival to a nail-biting finale.



About the Author
As a child, Scott for self-entertainment continued Dumas’ The Count of Monte Christo, and wrote couple other short stories. Scott was living in Europe for a while, then visited Japan and China a couple times. Now living in North America, beside his work, he is a free time writer.



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