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Thompson's Tourtellottes and the Civil War by Joe Lindley

Thompson's Tourtellottes and the Civil War

by Joe Lindley

290 pages
Story about Dr. Jacob Francis (U.S.N.) and General John Tourtellotte U.S.A.

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Category: History
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About the Book
The Civil War remains the largest national crisis ever faced by America. Nearly one million of its people perished, 620,000 of its young men died as a result of the war. Tens of thousands more returned home never to be the men they once were.

Towns like Thompson, Connecticut, responded with men and material at a level never seen before in America. Of the 252 total recorded soldiers, from Thompson, there were 29 total dead, nine killed or missing, 30 wounded, and 44 captured - 25% total casualties. Many other Thompson men who moved away as young men also fought with other states or the regular Navy. Dr. Jacob Francis and John Eaton Tourtellotte are examples.

Brigadier General John Eaton Tourtellotte, as the regimental commander of the Fourth Minnesota, distinguished himself in the battle of Allatoona Pass and was part of Sherman’s March to the Sea. He remained with Sherman as his aide-de-camp for nearly 15 years. Dr. Jacob Francis Tourtellotte stayed in the Navy after the war and sailed around South America aboard the U.S.S. Nyack. Both men had extraordinary careers and lived exemplary lives. Both are known for their philanthropic work after the war as much as they are their military careers.

Because neither man had surviving children their story was lost until revived by the Thompson Historical Society, Thompson Connecticut. This book captures their days in the military during and after the war.


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About the Author
Joe Lindley is a director of the Thompson Historical Society and a curator of the Tourtellotte Memorial Room located in North Grosvenordale, Connecticut. He has penned many historical articles about the Tourtellottes of Thompson, Connecticut to include their philanthropic work. Joe holds a B.S. and a M.A. in Education.



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