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Blossom by the Billabong by Lucidus Smith

Blossom by the Billabong

by Lucidus Smith

460 pages
Bertie Bannister and Digger Smith - the 'Blossom' trilogy finale.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
This book is the sequel to Blossom in Winter - Frost in Spring and is the third book of the Blossom trilogy.

It covers the period from August 1949 to March 1951 and once again follows the lives of Bertie Bannister and his family, along with his young friend Arnold (Digger) Smith.

After Bertie and his new wife Victoria return to Upper Style from their first trip to Australia together, they are re-united with Bertie's daughter Deborah, who proves to be as un-predictable and difficult to handle as ever.

Digger persuades his cousin Donny to be best man at his wedding in Inverness and his fiancée Moira,makes her way to Scotland to prpare for the big day.

Once they are back from their honeymoon it is all systems go, before they sail off to a new life in Western Australia. A new job with an Australian bank proves to be anything but dull and Digger's friendship with Bertie is put to the test when old memories become new problems.

Whilst this book, like the others, does not contain bad language or gratuitous violence, it does have some intimate moments.


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About the Author
The author is British, married and is in his sixties.
Before he retired he was Company Secretary for an American Printer manufacturer and since retirement has spent much time in Australia, playing bowls and writing.

This is his third novel, which is the last part of the Blossom trilogy.



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