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11-11: The Carl Fyler Story by Karl Webb and Ann Norlin

11-11: The Carl Fyler Story

by Karl Webb and Ann Norlin

178 pages
The life story of a World War II bomber pilot

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
There seems to be a shortage of real heroes today. At least in the public eye, there seems to be a dearth of people who live their lives with integrity, true to their own ideals and the ideals of this country. Perhaps that is why we must learn to look at the stories of the real people who live nearby. It might be your dentist, your travel agent, or the person who lives next door. That is where the true heroes will be found.

11-11: The Carl Fyler Story, is one example of such a story.

Dr. Carl Fylerís story is one of a true American. His roots run deep in this country, as his family is one of the founding families of the nation. The Fylerís immigrated to this country in 1630, and have been history makers ever since. There is a long and proud line of Fylers that have defended and grown this country from the beginning.

Out of this stream came Major Carl Fyler, a well-known and respected B-17 bomber pilot from World War II. Carl flew with the Mighty Eighth Air Forceís Hellís Angels. After 25 plus hazardous missions, Carl and his crew were shot down over Bremen, Germany on November 29th, 1943. Carl ended up as a prisoner of war in the infamous Stalag Luft 1, where he spent 510 days before returning to the United States, a changed man.

There are, of course, many men and women who shared in this story of courage, loyalty and heroism. Understandably, the war affected some in a negative way, but Carlís strength, courage and beliefs did not waiver. He too struggled with the after affects of his experiences, but in the end, he chose to take his experience of war and let it make him stronger, rather than break him.

11-11: The Carl Fyler Story is the story of a man who let adversity, sorrow, betrayal and hardship form him into a man who fought for what was right. He believed in honor and sought to gain it for those who deserved it. He learned to mark time as needed, but to never, ever, ever give up.

This book is as authentic of a biography as one might find. It is based in its entirety on actual documents, oral interviews, and from the personal belongings of Carl J. Fyler. Much of the story is told in his own words.

It is a real-life drama that makes history come alive.



About the Author
Karl Webb is an avid historian and genealogical researcher. He has spent years researching and compiling family histories. Karlís particular interest in military history was sparked by the time he spent listening to the war experiences of his father and uncles. He is also an accomplished photographer and videographer.

Ann Norlin has been passionate about writing from an early age. This passion has led to her works being included in various educational and other publications. Ann is a musician and an award winning songwriter who also assists in teaching aviation and history classes at the local Combat Air Museum.



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