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HONTO II by T. Wayne Babb


by T. Wayne Babb

628 pages
The pictorial history of an intelligence operation committed to paper.

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Category: Military
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About the Book
Histories are usually boring reading and histories of military units are especially so. But “HONTO, The Pictorial History of the USAF Security Service at Misawa, Japan” is anything but boring because a story is told in photos. Those pictures were taken by the men and women who were there and made the history.

This book is an photo album of the past. The images show the adventures of then-young men who moved an entire intelligence unit from one end of Japan to the other and the hardships they endured while living and working in snow covered tents. After the unit achieved a semblance of normalcy, the troops found time to “explore” the town of Misawa, Japan, the surrounding countryside, and enjoyed the experience of being young men on their own in a foreign country. But then women were introduced into the mixture and the whole world changed. Throw in some killer earthquakes, paralyzing snow storms, the destruction of the town of Misawa by fire, drunken binges, and you’ve got some real good viewing.

If you are the spouse of someone who served in Misawa, Japan from the late 1940s to 1979, viewing the photos in this book will give you great insight on why they act and think the way they do. But the people who would most benefit from viewing this book are the young men and women currently serving in the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency. You’ll find it fascinating to discover where you came from.


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About the Author
T. Wayne Babb CMSgt T. Wayne Babb, USAF Retired, served 30 years with the USAF Security Service and its successor commands. During his career, he served in Japan, Italy, Thailand, Greece, Korea, Alabama, and Texas. After leaving the Air Force, The Chief was a consultant with several intelligence agencies in the DC area.



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