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The Dark Stone by Terry Logan

The Dark Stone

by Terry Logan

188 pages
A scientific adventure mystery in the jungles of South America

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
This work of fiction follows the adventures of a young American scientist, David McLean, a geologist, in the jungles of South America. The book is set in the third-world nation of Guyana, the birthplace of the author, himself a scientist, a soil chemist. David McLean finds a mysterious specimen in a collection of rocks that he discovered in his fatherís belongings on his untimely death. The collection had belonged to his grandfather, a geologist in Guyana in the years after WW II. David uses his advanced analytical skills and the enormous resources of the government lab he works for to determine that the specimen, the dark stone, contains a rare element that has enormous economic value as it is used in many of the electronics equipment we take for granted today and which is very difficult to find. David discovers from the American company his grandfather worked for the approximate location of the sample in the remote Guyana rain forest, one of the most inaccessible in the world. David goes to Guyana in search of the ore body from which the stone had been sampled and in the process meets a young and very beautiful American scientist, Sara Landes, an ethnobotanist who is one her way to find medicinal specimens in the jungle. They have a brief romantic encounter in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, then go their separate ways. David works his way into the jungle with the help of a black man who lives in one of the many native Indian villages and prospects for gold, and a young Indian tribesman. They encounter snakes, other fauna like jaguars, and spend time in several of the Indian villages where David has fleeting sexual encounters with two women, who later on in the book, he determines has given birth to daughters by him. David finds Sara in the bush and there is an incident in which he and his two helpers have to kill two men hired by a Chinese firm looking for the same rare element he is to determine what David has found. They get rid of the bodies and he and Sara go their separate ways. David returns later on to pursue his search for the stone, which he does, meets his daughters and resolves to adopt them. He sets up residence in Georgetown and raises his children. Ultimately he is reunited with Sara and they wed. He never pursues development of the ore he had found.



About the Author
Terry Logan is a retired professor of soil science from The Ohio State University. A native of Guyana, he obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in soil science. After retirement, he was CEO of a technology company. Dr. Logan also operated a consulting business for 16 years.



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