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Finding a Rhythm by Steve Watkins

Finding a Rhythm

by Steve Watkins

290 pages
The science behind attacking any defense effectively.

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Category: Sports
About the Book
Finding a Rhythm goes beyond teaching basketball scoring fundamentals. It considers the game from an entirely new perspective in order to explain why those fundamentals are effective. All of the techniques, skills, and strategy taught by coaches are based on scientific and mathematical concepts. Did you think science and math was just for geeks? By learning the science and math behind the fundamentals, you will approach each game with a deep sense of purpose in mind.

Finding a Rhythm addresses questions that probably seem obvious to people who talk about the game but have no intention of playing competitively. Many ideas that seem obvious in conversation become obscure in the heat of competition, when it’s time to attack a swarming defense in an intelligent manner. If you intend to prevail, you need clear, precise answers to the following questions instilled deeply in your mind:

• What does it mean to waste energy?
• What is your shooting range?
• What is a soft shot and how do you shoot softly?
• What is a triple threat position?
• What does it mean to control the paint?
• What does it mean to go up strong?
• When should you use the backboard and why?
• What shots are most effective from various distances and why?
• What is an easy shot and how do you get one on every possession?
• What does it mean to control the tempo of the game and how do you go about it?

If you are willing to confront subject matters that most of your competition is afraid of, Finding a Rhythm will answer these questions in a way that you will never forget, no matter how much mayhem swirls around you. Your superior understanding of fundamentals will enable you to attack any defense with confidence and poise.



About the Author
Steve Watkins is a lifelong basketball player who was fortunate to have outstanding coaches and mentors who taught him the game. Steve holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering and an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma.



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