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SEEKING TODAY'S GOD And A Few Biker Stories by Tad Rhoden

SEEKING TODAY'S GOD And A Few Biker Stories

by Tad Rhoden

168 pages
A Christianity critique of pagan church practices and scripture alterations.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Our scriptures have been so altered, edited and censored by special interest as to be almost irrelevant. Today's Christianity bears little semblance to the church planted by Jesus and the Apostles

History records Constantine as having converted to Christianity; it would be more proper to say he converted Christanity to Constantine. He remained a sun worshiper, adding Christianity to his stable of religions, and incorporating most of the pagan Roman practices.

This book is not for everyone. The fundamentalist may cry blasphemy, but the freethinker may embrace it.



About the Author
The author worked his way through the Cold War by blustering his way into a number of positions for which he often seemed only marginally qualified; sometimes necessitating a panicky evening trip to the library to figure out what he was working on. If you had technical talent to sell, the Cold war was truly a golden era. He expresses sincere nostalgia about it.



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