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The Leader by Jack L. Mace

The Leader

by Jack L. Mace

124 pages
A leader training dialogue on 31 Axioms of Leadership

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Category: Business:Training
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About the Book
The Leader presents a story of the “Leadership Journey” of The Young One and The Old One, the two main characters. There are no other names given for them. Indeed, only similarly descriptive names are provided for each character, whether main or minor character.

The Young One has lost his way as a leader, and is in danger of losing the trust of his followers. In a dialogical study of 31 Leadership Axioms The Young One moves away from being an autocratic, dictatorial overseer insisting on commanding every detail of every task. With the instruction and help of his trusted mentor, The Old one, he ceases being one who knows better than anyone else on every point. He becomes one who trusts his workers as full partners in the enterprise. He comes to recognize them as reliable, and with requisite skills even for assisting in planning and decision making. After the study the “Travelers” are a unified team, and gone is the quasi-regimental commander who offers no option other than to obey.

When their Journey resumes each of The Entourage has a task suited to personal skills, independent of demanding commands from an aloof overseer. The Young One is found traveling along-side his followers; not ahead in example, not behind to push.

In a surprise ending, the reader is left with questions about the motives of The Young One’s own Overseers and about their assignment of the enterprise. Did even they know in advance what the Journey would bring? Had they simply put aside some followers they knew not how to manage until such a time as they could make more informed decisions? Did even they understand reliance on the integrity of Followers who are sometimes more dedicated to the tasks than the Leaders; Followers who by training and experience know best how to accomplish the tasks of the enterprise? Or, did they know it full well?



About the Author
Jack L. Mace B.A. Psychology; Master of Divinity (MDiv) Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries 1989; specialty in Pastoral Counseling

Work background; Prison Educator, Sales, Carpentry, Structural Drafter and Studio Photographer (simultaneous businesses for several years), and chaplaincy.

Now semiretired, Mace dabbles in, writing, art and politics. Current earnings are from Substitute Teaching.



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