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Downfall by Benjamin Stutzman


by Benjamin Stutzman

248 pages
An alien invasion thatís more than it seems.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Our first visitor from outer space is a hyper-powered alien named Verrater, who arrives peacefully in a large spaceship. But after being discovered, he makes known his plan to attack the human race, and our destruction, he assures us, is imminent. He is so confident that he tells humanity exactly when, where and how he is going to attack, so we know what to expect.

But this faÁade of overconfidence is all part of the scheme. Verrater, in no way, shape, or form, actually wants to attack, he is being forced to. In a desperate attempt to save himself and us, he formulates his own plan to back stab the species of massive, evil beings, known as the Temidos, who are our real enemy.

Together with a hand-selected group of humans, they make the entire world believe the lie that he really means to destroy us all. His plan must be convened in secret, hidden to the Temidosí distant vigilance, and also completed in time before their arrival.

But as Verrater begins his attacks, more goes wrong than right, with threats from the human race and others, as well as some major twists that could turn the whole plan in on itself. As time draws short, and the invasion-ready Temidos draw near, one wrong move could mean the death of the entire human race.

Fighting against technology far superior to our own, the only thing standing in their way is a desperate plan made by eleven elite individuals. Our only hope of survival: following one alien into battle under Operation Downfall.



About the Author
Benjamin Stutzman Benjamin Stutzman is a young author/artist who wrote this book, and drew the front cover. He plans to work on subsequent novel(s) during college, where he will be studying film at RIT, and another trilogy afterwards, unrelated to Downfall. His eventual goal is to turn his books into movies.



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