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by Tony Diaz

176 pages
Fulfill your lifetime goals, live well, and travel the world.

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Category: Travel
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About the Book
The “bucket list” has become a common term in contemporary conversation. You find it mentioned at just about every friendly get together. It refers to all the achievements we would like to accomplish within our lives. It is our attempt at a self-fulfilling destiny of that which we would like to experience and accomplish. It is the stuff of dreams. However, too few of us will ever come to realize these passions and dreams which we possess. They often remain just what we call them – a dream. But with a plan and the proper frame of mind our dreams can become achievable goals. A Life Fulfilled is a guide to help turn those dreams into reality; it is a book that will try to prepare you to experience life beyond your expectations.

Within the book are chapters that exam reasons why too many of us lack the commitment to get what we want from life. We examine the road-block that we often put in our own path, and the book gives your suggestions with ways to move beyond these obstacles, including recommendations on how to overcome the financial burden often associated with our bucket list desires. And, while most bucket lists are limited to less than a dozen items, we’ll examine how to include many more things than you can ever expect to fulfill in a lifetime. When your bucket is that full, you will have many more experiences to choose from and you will be able to discover a life that can be truly satisfying.

While most people have a number of travel destinations included in their list (many of which would put a severe dent in most wallets), here you’ll find a number of recommended goals and experiences that won’t strain your finances. But for that exotic trip so many of us never expect to be able to go on, take heart - there is hope for the realization of that dream as well.

And since a good portion of A Life Fulfilled is related to travel, it contains many suggestions on ways to make your trip more memorable and give you better experiences than the less prepared traveler might get from the same journey. While most tourists only venture beyond their homes to simply see what’s on the other side of the horizon, this book shows you how to gain the most from your experiences with suggestions on how to better immerse yourself into the culture and cuisine of another lifestyle.

The work closes with suggestions on how to best use your experiences and memories to make a difference in your life, to give your life a purpose, and to forge your memories and experiences into a personal history so that you become more than just a name on the branch of a genealogical tree.

Within the pages of this book you’ll find a path toward experiencing the world. It offers you a way to achieve your dreams. A way to fulfill your life.



About the Author
Tony Diaz is an avid traveler and world explorer. He has spent most of his early life living overseas amongst foreign nationals, and considers himself fortunate to have seen life from both sides of the cultural fence. A writer and photographer, he currently calls Tacoma, Washington, his home.



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