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Nutgrass by Linda M. Simmons


by Linda M. Simmons

202 pages
Poverty, revenge leads to "The Society", illegal world of moonshine.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
FAST CARS, FASTER WOMEN and revenge leads Jon Henri Tyler to con his way into "The Society", the largest moonshine operation in the foothills of North Carolina. For five years he hones his skills and rely on his wit and cunning to out drive, out maneuver, and out think every moonshine rival in Murdock County. The hatred of poverty and the love of money were two more reasons Jon Henri became involved with "Shine". Now he wants out, but learns, too late, just how deadly "The Society" can be.

Jon Henri believes he is the only person in the Tyler Family able and smart enough to pull them up out of the jaws of poverty. This conviction molds his personality and he pursues this ideology regardless if it is within the law or not.


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    Nine-year old April Dawn Tyler's dream shatters when classmate Hilda Jean Norton disappears. The one suspect, Bryan O'Keith, terrorizes Dawn, and threatens her with death if she even hints that he is involved. Even with his threats, Dawn vows to Hilda Jena's spirit that she will never stop looking for her. Now grown and working in the mill office, the menaces she uncovers changes her and the mill village residents in ways she never dreams.


About the Author
Linda M. Simmons Linda M. Simmons lives in North Carolina and is a lover of books, fiction and non-fiction. Her new novel, Mill Village Road, will be published in 2012.



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