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Journey to Imagiland by Tom Tullgren

Journey to Imagiland

by Tom Tullgren

320 pages
A Halloween adventure of two girls.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Imagiland is a magical place at the end of the rainbow. Every day it is bathed in the rainbow’s rich variety of colors that constantly mix and change.

How our two protagonists, Kristen and Lona, arrived in this magical place shall remain a secret for the time being.

They arrived on Halloween eve while trying to find their way home, and they hoped to find a telephone to call Kristen’s father to come and get them. However, they soon discover that the people of Imagiland live a very simple life. They have no electricity – hence no telephones, computers, TVs, nor electric lights!

The girls also discover that there are no roads, nor other means of transportation entering or leaving Imagiland.

This is a story of their desperate search for a way back home, and enough experiences to fill a book. So, come along; joint them on their journey and share the adventure.

Happy reading.



About the Author
Tom Tullgren is a retired schoolteacher who taught Middle School youngsters for 33 years. A snowbird, he lives in New Hampshire during the summer and flies to Florida for the winter.

This is his first book. It was inspired by his daughter Kristen and niece Alanna, who are the main characters.

We often took walks on dark moonless nights to “test our courage.”



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