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THE GREAT DISTRACTION: Lifting The Veil To Reclaim Your Personal Power And Freedom by Kathy Robertson

THE GREAT DISTRACTION: Lifting The Veil To Reclaim Your Personal Power And Freedom

by Kathy Robertson

310 pages
Lifting the veil to reclaim your personal power and freedom.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
If you find yourself attracted to and contemplating a visit to a sacred place, then you are probably being called to action by the forces of the universe to participate in the ongoing consciousness movement. This book will take you on a journey of discovery into the mysterious world of energy, and how the sacred sites around the world may be connected to this powerful energetic source.

When we allow our spiritual energy to flow, we may look at our lives and ask, "Is this all that there is?" We may then actually take the time to look around and start to question the meaning of life. We then begin to see the world of corrupt politics, biased media, manipulative advertising, flawed education, fear based religious organizations, and the harmful practices of the pharmaceutical industry in a different light. We then realize that we are trapped in a system that has been put into place thousands of years ago.

We as a society, wear "blinders" as to the possibility of extraterrestrial and/or inter-dimensional visitations in our past placing such stories into the imaginary world of mythology. It is time to look at the abundant amounts of evidence given in the sacred texts and the archaeological record. This information may help to dispel some of the possible misconceptions regarding the identity of the many gods and goddesses spoken of in the various religious texts, cuneiform tablets, and the wide range of myths and legends from around the world.

This book is meant to open your eyes to other possibilities, to help "lift the veil" that may cloud your clear vision. If you are seeking an alternative path to spirituality, then this information will help you to look beyond the illusion, and to reclaim your personal power and freedom.



About the Author
Kathy Robertson has visited sacred sites around the world in search of answers to life's hidden mysteries. She has climbed pyramids; explored ruins, mounds, and cathedrals; walked the circle of Stonehenge; and sat in the center of a crop circle. Kathy's insights and revelations have led her to write this book.



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