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Life on a Sandflat Farm by Tom Abernathy

Life on a Sandflat Farm

by Tom Abernathy

82 pages
The experiences of a boy growing up on a farm.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Growing up in post depression days on a small sandflat farm was not easy but the people and experiences involved made every day a special adventure for a growing boy. Here each day was a step toward manhood and the learning cycle is something not experienced today.

Everything on the farm is special. From the waking moments of a summer morning until the last good night is said it is an adventure to be shared and this young lad did that to the limits. Where it was with the multitude of animals he had contact with or with some visiting stranger, he was on a quest for adventure.

The main goal of the farming family was the quest for food and means to secure a living from the resources available. This involved the help of all members and even the youngest had his chores to do but sometimes even that led to adventure.



About the Author
Tommie Abernathy was born in Leon County ,attended Jewett public school and his family were long time residents of the area. After graduation, he served in the military and returned to his home state. He now resides in central Texas with his wife, Kelly and dog, Rocky.



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