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I Loved You Before I Met You by Bucky Colwell Cameron

I Loved You Before I Met You

by Bucky Colwell Cameron

194 pages
Abby's prophetic dream in college changes her life destiny forever.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Abby Caldwell had experienced a wonderful childhood, idyllic by most people's standards, growing up in the small town of Ocala, Florida. Yet she had dreamed of the day she would escape the narrow-minded village and be liberated to the world of academia. The day had finally come!

It was September of 1971 and Abby found herself in attendance at Stetson University. Only ninety miles from her home town, but a world away from the bigotry and shallow thinking that bombarded her free spirit. Maybe here she could be herself, at least most of herself. She still doubted she would ever locate a place where her psychic abilities would be understood. She really didn't understand them herself!

It was within that first month at school that Abby had the most profound prophetic Dream of her life. For years now she had been having dreams that would come true. These had become so routine to her she had become seemingly unaffected by them. This Dream was different. God was revealing to her who her karmic partner would be, her spirit mate, her destiny man. She awoke totally in Love and with a Knowing that He existed, He was out there somewhere and waiting for her (though he himself might not share the same profound Knowing).

She immediately told the Dream to her suite mate Eva who was from the small town of Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Abby was compelled to discuss the Dream with Eva because it occurred in a moonlit wheat field not unlike the ones Eva had described back home. Upon hearing the description of the young man in Abby's vision, Eva shockingly revealed, "That's Steve Campbell"! Eva then showed Abby a schoolbook picture of him. Abby amazingly confirmed, “That's him, Eva!” From that moment on she Knew she had been shown her Destiny.

Within that year the two star-crossed lovers met in reality and the Dream unfolded. It was love at first sight. The chemistry between the two of them could only be written in the heavens!

Abby and Steve's thirty-seven year odyssey is a bitter-sweet adventure that will make you smile and make you cry. Their love story will inspire you and give you faith. It will cause you to believe that dreams can come true and that sometimes right in the middle of ordinary lives fairy tales can come true!



About the Author
Bucky, since graduating from Oglethorpe University (1975), has been in retail management with Craft Showcase, food service with Olive Garden, management with Stein Mart and the last dozen years enjoyed self-employment owning her own gift shops. Her greatest bliss was found in 2009 when she married her Dream Man David!



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