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Conquest of a Conspiracy by Ron Swonger

Conquest of a Conspiracy

by Ron Swonger

314 pages
An emerging power seeks to bring America to its knees.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
In the Conquest of a Conspiracy, author Ron Swonger weaves the powerful tale of a present-era aggressive emerging world power that encounters economic limitations to its impatient ambition for world dominance. A zealous inner cadre of its leaders hatch a conspiracy designed to bring the United States permanently to its knees. Their devious plan spans five continents and secret collaborations of diverse factions, aligned only by their quest for global influence and suppression of all Western nations.

Dr. Roland Foster, eminent and talented American scientist, is recruited out of idyllic retirement by a daring military leader and former colleague, Colonel Karl Simpson. Roland is convinced to help in technically uncovering and defeating the foreign conspiracy before it wreaks havoc on the global economy and balance of power. Their combined no-holds-barred counter-offensive against every facet of the conspiracy takes them beyond the normal rules of geo-political engagement and into reliance upon some of the most risky and advanced of technologies available in the early 21st century.

Surprises and obstacles unfold that threaten to destroy Roland's and Karl's counter-offensive at critical points, and the outcome is seriously in doubt as powerful nations vie for control of the future position of cultures and ideals that will have influence for decades to come. Agility, innovation, technical insights, persistence and aggressiveness must be maintained if defeat is to be avoided.

The reader will be intrigued and absorbed by how quickly this global threat could potentially unfold in the real 21st-century world and how it would have to be combated by unsung American heroes and their allies.



About the Author
Ron Swonger Ron Swonger directed technology organizations spanning 50 years.He led inventions extending computers, sensors, and software capabilities in military, intelligence, law enforcement, aerospace and scientific uses,involving contacts on every continent. Ron supported US Defense panels and authored analyses for combating adversaries seeking to create chaos in pursuit of power.



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