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What's Eating You? by Wendy Hearn

What's Eating You?

by Wendy Hearn

116 pages
Discovering and overcoming what causes you to overeat.

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Category: Health:Nutrition
About the Book
If you do not tackle the root of the problems that cause you to gain weight, then you will regain that weight you've lost.

This book identifies ten "triggers" for overeating, and develops specific steps to overcome them.

Boredom- You eat when you're bored or do not have anything interesting to do or look forward to.

Feeling Deprived -- You feel deprived of the foods which you enjoy and this leaves you craving for them even more.

Feeling Disgust or Hatred with Your Body -- Your focus is on the things which you feel are wrong with your body.

Feeling off Track with Your Diet Plan -- Your diet plan is too rigid and it's not achievable for you.

Habits -- Your daily habits are not as healthy as they may be and you may not even be aware of some of them.

Lack of Energy and Feeling Tired -- You are putting up with so much in your life that this is constantly draining your energy, leaving you feeling tired.

Needing Love and Comfort -- You turn to food when you're really needing love and comfort.

Feeling Overwhelmed -- You have got so much that you feel you must do that you find it difficult to take the first step.

Feeling Upset and Hurt -- You turn to food when someone says or does something that feels upsetting or hurtful to you.

Lack of Willpower -- You feel that if you had willpower you would be okay and be able to lose weight.

Wendy's simple, powerful steps open the door to new confidence and health.

Here's what you can expect from this book:

Find out how to stop struggling with your weight!

Lose weight permanently, safely, and effectively.

Do this without drugs, restrictive diets, or demanding exercise programs!

Concise, useable advice on how YOU can handle these triggers NOW! (No, it's not about avoiding your problems-it's about eliminating the "triggers".)

Without giving up the foods you like.

Reduce cravings.

Specific and easy ACTION STEPS to overcome your triggers.

Live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Learn how you can lose weight without trying so hard.

Stay on track and ensure the changes you make are permanent!

Enjoy food again! Enjoy a variety of wonderful foods. (Only your habits lead you to think that "Potato Chips and only potato chips will make me happy!")

Maintain your enthusiasm.

Discover the power of "No." (It could become your secret weapon!)

Forget willpower! There is a better way, and you'll learn it in this book!

How to identify bad habits and systematically substitute good ones!

How to motivate yourself.

Feel more energetic!

Kick-start the permanent changes in your life that will free you forever from the ineffective "weight-loss projects" that DON'T work for YOU!

Enjoy your life! (And that's all you really want, isn't it?)

This is a book about enjoying life.



About the Author
Wendy Hearn Wendy Hearn is a weight loss success coach, combining her previous experience as a professional diet and fitness instructor with life coaching. She supports, encourages and inspires people to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.



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