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THE POINT: Evolving Your Soul, Controlling Your Energy, And The Journey To Heaven by Ronald Matthews

THE POINT: Evolving Your Soul, Controlling Your Energy, And The Journey To Heaven

by Ronald Matthews

450 pages
Explains God, spiritual energy, and how to evolve your soul.

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About the Book
The Point is based on the discoveries by Ron during his nine year spiritual transformation from really ugly behavior to behavior that now energizes others. He explains the spiritual world in terms never grasped before now. He explains the energy of behavior and why it is the only criteria for going to heaven.

Ron provides a seven step program for evolving the soul. He teaches how to take control of your mind. Doing this program will fully prepare your soul for heaven. Your soul is your immortal self.

The Point explains the relationship between the mind and soul and the mind's responsibility for getting the soul ready for heaven. The mind is only with you in this physical lifetime.

Ron explains God in terms that will now completely make sense to you. He explains the new rules for going to heaven since God changed the rules. He explains the necessity for sending Jesus in the flesh to explain these new rules. You will see how Jesus teachings have been misused. You will understand how God's sacrifice of Jesus served all mankind and not just those that think so.

Ron discovered the spiritual energy of Jesus teachings about God. He asked God to reveal mysteries and provide the necessary understanding, or wisdom, that would bring peace to his mind and soul. Ron was truly a mess. Ron spend several years, alone in his truck, in constant conversation with God. You haven't heard anything like this before.

The soul is explained so it will finally make sense to you. You will say, "of course that's right", because it feels right. You will now be able to get to know the soul, which is like an alien without form, but has enormous power. You learn how to tap into that power to achieve your goals and make life easier and more successful. You will understand 'Felt Energy' completely.

This program of evolving your soul will finally synchronize the energies between the mind, the soul, and with God. It will bring you the elusive inner peace, joy and love that we have heard so much about.

There has never been thinking like this in writing previously. This book will change your life like nothing else has been able to. You could be any religion or no religion and go to heaven. This book is a must read in your lifetime. It will assure you like nothing else has been able to.

You will be delighted with what you read in this book. You will finally know why self help and religious instruction have been unsuccessful in providing your mind and soul the heaven on earth experience that should be yours.



About the Author
Ron lives in California. He has two adult children. This book is based on his discoveries during a nine year transformation of his mind and soul. Ron has a broad work history including technology consulting to large financial companies, owning a construction company, sales and College financial services.



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