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What's Your Anger Type For Christians by Peter Sacco

What's Your Anger Type For Christians

by Peter Sacco

260 pages
Anger management incorporating Christian and Biblical principles that work.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Are you A Christian who suffers from uncontrollable anger or do you have problems managing your anger? Then this is the book which will help you fix your anger problems as well as understand those with anger issues around you.

Many Christians struggle with their emotions, especially their anger. Many believe that anger is a sin! Anger is a God-given emotion that is normal. How you use your anger determines whether it is productive or destructive. Sacco uses Biblical principles to explain the difference between acceptable anger and unacceptable anger.

Having worked in the field of psychology for over 20 years, Sacco offers his expertise in the following areas:

- Identifying which type(s) of the 12 different anger types you possess.
- Identifying your behavioural style.
- Identifying your triggers and what sets them off.
- Learning to control all areas of frustration and anger in your life.
- Handling conflict and criticism in a Godly manner.
- Learning anger management strategies tailor-made for you.
- Living an abundant and rewarding life.



About the Author
Peter Sacco Peter has been working with individuals in private practice and support groups for over a decade. Peter specializes in anger management classes, workshops/seminars, individual coaching and counseling.

Other self-help books Peter has written include: WHY WOMEN WANT WHAT THEY CANíT HAVE and WHATíS YOUR ANGER TYPE?.

WHATíS YOUR ANGER TYPE? became an instant popular selling book used by thousands around the world to modify, treat and change their perspectives on anger. Being a Christian, Peter created a version fitting for Christians struggling with their own anger issues.



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