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AUSTRALIAN MEN: Don't Go There, Girlfriend by MacKenzie Connell

AUSTRALIAN MEN: Don't Go There, Girlfriend

by MacKenzie Connell

108 pages
Humorous stories about Australian men.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
From Lily's perspective Australian men are the worst men on the planet. In this fictional tale, Lily is at her prime dating age and decides to move to Australia. She quickly realizes that it is not what she bargained for due to the "uniqueness" of Australian males. To tell the world how she feels and to warn her fellow girlfriends to steer clear of Australian men, she writes a book about her and her friends' ridiculous experiences with the men Down Under. From tales of men celebrating their camaraderie by sitting around naked drinking together to Lily getting dropped on her head and getting blamed for it, Lily's stories about what typical Australian males are like will simultaneously astound you and entertain you. After 4 and a half years of meeting Australian man after man Lily figured them all out and through her hilarious story telling she will let you know why Australian men:

Lack Romance, manners, and everything else a female values in a man

Only like women between the hours of 2 and 7 AM

Prefer hanging out with their mates over a girlfriend any day

Act like 5 year olds as grown men

And more!

Lily's tales create such a shocking picture of Australian men that women around the world who don't appreciate who they are with, will now.



About the Author
MacKenzie Connell is an accomplished world traveler and due to her extensive traveling she knows a lot about Australian men. Connell's greatest joy in life is making people laugh which was the sole reason she chose to write about fictional character, Lily's, outrageous tales of living Down Under.



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