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RACE FOR THE MONEY by Mack Mahoney


by Mack Mahoney

480 pages
First person action adventure with great new protagonist Patrick Race.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Mack puts the "pro" back in protagonist and the fun back in adventure in this thrilling first person ride along. This is a rough one, reminiscent of those fascinating heroes of the 1960’s like James Bond and Matt Helm. The story takes place in 1968 when things are dicey. The cold war is ranging and the world has growing pains. Someone is printing hundreds of millions in U.S. Currency, and flooding the market. The wrinkle is that the money is not counterfeit.

Patrick Race is on their trail, and up against all odds. He encounters an unbelievable cast of oddball characters and must overcome vicious evil forces as he suffers cruel and inhumane torture, fights crazed dogs, incurs rabies, survives alone—nude, and badly wounded—while struggling through in the hot desert of Baja California.

Race is an ex Navy SEAL, burnt out CIA, ex- LAPD and is now a low-tech problem solver. He doesn’t exactly know whom he is working for—but they pay well and don't ask too may questions—if he can only win the Race For The Money.



About the Author
Mack Mahoney Mack Mahoney, born and raised in Waco, Texas is a retired U.S. Navy Chief who served on nuclear submarines. He has written three fictional novels, a screenplay and three non-fiction books and is the creator of the world’s largest collection of over 8,000 original greeting cards.



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