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Every 400 years by Kerry Burns

Every 400 years

by Kerry Burns

256 pages
The cyclical disintegration of world civilization; twelve struggle to survive.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When the world civilization we live in now collapses sometime in the twenty-first century, it takes 400 years to rebuild it to a modern technological society. The story is set near the 400 year mark as elements of the society begin to be unstable once again. The major characters struggle to maintain a stable and safe life in a time when the major elements of the society are contained and controlled by six world monopolies, religion, material goods, public safety, pleasure, government and science. Several of these monopolies are in competition with each other for world domination.

There are themes of bureaucratic incompetence, power seeking, religious radicalism, love, fear, anger and even a little romance. These themes play out through the characters who are members of all six monopolies. There is a fantasy theme in the spiritual aspects of the religion monopoly.

Can love save them?



About the Author
Kerry is a retired academic who has finally found time to write fiction. After living in different parts of the country, he has settled on his ranch near Red Lodge, Montana where he grew up. He has read science fiction and fantasy since he was a boy.



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