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Factoring Diabetes by Dr.Julia Sherman D.N., and Jimmy Talley LDE

Factoring Diabetes

by Dr.Julia Sherman D.N., and Jimmy Talley LDE

106 pages
Diabetes self management and guide.

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Category: Health
About the Book
Factoring Diabetes, the self management handbook for those who are, those who may be and those who deny it.

Diabetes is the number 1 growing disease condition in the world today. it is estimated that 360 million people worldwide are diabetic and almost 1/3 deny it or are undiagnosed. You can be born with it, you can develope it as you grow older or you can aquire it.

MAny diabetics simply don't know enough about their own disease or have the wrong information. Many diabetes education classes vary from one hospital to another and from one dry book to another.

Here we have at last the same program that the doctor herself uses.

This book gives a different light on the disease and shows that you can have your cake and eat it too.And the hershey bars, and the stilleto heels, and the skiing and the wine and steak dinnersand so many things that were once denied to the diabetic.

If you are diabetic, and you need to have better control. This book should be in your hands.

It has fun things to do, and pages to color and cartoons and excellent examples of exchanging, recipes,websites and more.



About the Author
Julia Sherman D.N. is a Doctor of Naturology. Specifically Internal Biogenisis, Traveling Diabetes Educator and a Type 2 diabetic. Jimmy Talley is her life partner and a lay diabetes educator. Together they run the Global Bi-County ADA Diabetes Support Group, and Snowflake Farms.



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