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The Hero and the Dragon: Building Christian Character through Fantasy Fiction by Andrew Boll

The Hero and the Dragon: Building Christian Character through Fantasy Fiction

by Andrew Boll

332 pages
An exploration of Christian themes and symbols in fantasy fiction.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
For thousands of years, stories have been written and told of heroes, mythical creatures, and mighty acts of valor. These stories have withstood the test of time because of their recognition of all that is best in mankind; bravery, integrity, compassion, and persistence. But they are also a tribute to the greatest true story of all time – God’s story of salvation for this world.

The fantasy genre today is built upon the foundation that has been laid by these classical works of antiquity and the Gospel truth which they parallel. However, as the secular world drifts further away from God’s will for His children, that foundation is becoming cracked and brittle…

The Hero and the Dragon is a must read for anyone who struggles with deciding if fantasy fiction is right for them or their children. This book explores many of the common elements in the fantasy genre, examining how they can be used to teach spiritual truths – and how they can be abused to lead young people into spiritual darkness.

“The Hero’s Journey” literary motif has been used in countless stories throughout history to remind readers of the importance of never giving up hope, even in the face of insurmountable odds. But just beneath the surface is a strong parallel to the life and works of Jesus Christ; the Son of God become man in order to redeem His fallen creation. As Christians read and study “Hero’s Journey” stories, they can also be strengthened and edified in their own faith as they more closely understand and appreciate God’s sacrifice on their behalf.

The concept of “Magic” has been a stumbling block for many Christians in their approach to reading fantasy fiction. This book examines several ways in which magic is commonly used in the fantasy genre, carefully explaining the difference between magic that clearly defines the boundaries between fantasy and reality, and magic that emulates and promotes real world witchcraft.

Fantasy fiction is a rich source of wholesome themes, uplifting concepts, and valuable symbols and allegories to Christian life. However, the characters and creatures employed in this genre are often based upon mythology or pagan superstition. Yet many authors have successfully redeemed these elements to reflect Christian beliefs and build Christian character in readers. This book explores how to read and understand such components as wizards, dragons, swords, warriors, elves, goblins, zombies and vampires using a Christian worldview.

Spiritual warfare has been raging since the dawn of time. In this age of postmodern thought and secular humanism, it is more important than ever that God’s people are equipped to battle the lies and deceptive philosophies being promoted by our society. In a time of unparalleled access to false and misleading information, it is vital that Christians are trained and prepared to act as guides and leaders to their children, coworkers, and neighbors. In light of today’s fascination with fantasy fiction stories, The Hero and the Dragon is a valuable reference for any Christian reader.



About the Author
Andrew Boll Andrew Boll has taught literature in a Christian high school setting for seven years. He now focuses on writing books, devotions and Bible studies that help people of all ages develop Christian values and characteristics.



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