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Interstellar Quest by George Kozlowski

Interstellar Quest

by George Kozlowski

152 pages
Interstellar travel through outer space. Abduction of three language professers to teach the people of Gargar these languages

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
People from the planet Gargar discover two rare substances that exist on Earth and are needed on their planet. They abduct three language professers in order to learn the earth languages. They want to communicate with Earth on a friendly basis. Because of greed and political bureaucracy, problems develop.



About the Author
George A. Kozlowski is a native of Michigan. He returned to Michigan after a stint in the U S Marine Corps. He graduated from The University of Detroit (BS-Marketing/Economics) post graduate studies at Wayne State University & University of Michigan. George was a professional salesman and eventually owned and operated his own sales Agency (Somerset Marketing Co.)



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