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Happiness On Tap: How to Rock What You've Got in Life by Heather Meglasson

Happiness On Tap: How to Rock What You've Got in Life

by Heather Meglasson

168 pages
Proactive guide to mind/body health, personal power and unlimited happiness.

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About the Book
Everyone wants to be happy. You are not a sit-and-watch-the-world-pass-by type of person. You want the best for your family. You want the best for those you empower. You love it when you feel like you can do anything and love the times when you accomplish so much. Yet sometimes it feels like a fight to steady your emotions, and fear attempts to block your path. Yes. Itís annoying.

So what would it be like if you could instantly change your state of mind to anything you want? What would it be like if you could program your mind and body to respond in full power to just a few key triggers that you control?

Would you become more productive in your daily life?

Would you stand up to those who want to control you?

Would you empower the world with your Impactful message?

What would you choose to do in your life if you knew 100% that nothing could stop you?

Youíve noticed so many inspirational people around you appearing to have found their own personal driving force that seems to be launching them effortlessly forward. You have an idea about what that looks like in your life but itís still not quite clear. Well itís time to turn on the light. Itís time to take full ownership of your powerful truth.

ďOneís own self is well hidden from oneís own self;
of all mines of treasure, oneís own is the last to be dug up.Ē
~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

This Book is about...

-Getting real: Together we uncover the operational values running behind the scenes of your life story.

-Making wellness fun: Together we explore non-invasive, proactive mind and health strengthening techniques.

-Creating an unlimited tap of happiness: Together we will enhance profoundly, your best life experiences and save them for a rainy day.

Through This Book You Will Gain...

-Insight into the physical, emotional and temperamental mind.

-Firm confirmation of the power values you are using to make driving decisions.

-Eight laws of the mind that you can use to your advantage.

-10 simple tools you can use to improve health and mood.

-Step by step guidelines to creating and recalling best memories and relaxed feelings with in-the-moment clarity or better!

Happiness On Tap is a manual for your powerful biocomputer, your mind. It empowers you in giving yourself complete permission to Rock What Youíve Got in Life.

ďOne profound lesson Iíve learnt is that the more you deviate from your own true self, the more confusing, perplexing and frustrating life becomes. In Happiness on Tap, Heather masterfully shows you a way to get yourself back to yourself, then guides you step by step towards a rich and rewarding life of joy and happiness. I wish I had this book twenty years ago!Ē
ĖRiana Avis, London UK



About the Author
Heather Meglasson Supermom and Transformational Rock Star, Heather Meglasson, is nationally certified in holistic mind/body/energy therapies and is a master neurolinguistic programmer and hypnotist. Combining over 24 years as a performance coach with her current practice, she now empowers wellness educators in their ability to effectively engage and impact the world.



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