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Wordories by Stanley Wilson


by Stanley Wilson

200 pages
<b><i>Wordories</b></i> consist of humorous, one-paragraph stories along with vocabulary definitions.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Wordories is a work of pure fiction that evolved simply because the author greatly enjoyed exercising his imagination in this manner. A wordory is a one-paragraph story or thought that has vocabulary words intentionally incorporated. For the convenience of the reader, the words are defined both at the wordory and in a glossary.

A wordory’s content is usually humorous and often has a twist at the end. Although most are strictly imaginary, a number had their origins in real occurrences, blended with a substantial amount of “wordory license”. As such, they can assume some characteristics of entries in a personal diary. The book has some mildly adult content because this is an area of human relationships where a lot of humor can be found. People with strong religious beliefs may find a few pages not to their liking.

Readers could easily enjoy the book without any intention of learning vocabulary. Wordories is ideally suited for situations when someone has a few minutes to grab a quick read that is complete within itself. Either for enjoyable reading or as an educational reference, this is a work that can rest comfortably in the library of anyone with a sense of humor.



About the Author
The author is a self-made goofball. Remarkably, a fluke in the educational system resulted in his obtaining a PhD in Organic Chemistry.



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