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Potluck and Pistols by Veronica Paulina

Potluck and Pistols

by Veronica Paulina

256 pages
Eat and shoot with Mona and the Pistol Belles!

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Sparks fly when Mona Milton gets together with the girls every Wednesday evening at the Skyline Sportmen’s Club. Mona and the Pistol Belles meet up to eat and shoot, bringing their potluck dishes, their handguns—and their differences—along with them.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or have never held a gun in your hands, you’ll enjoy getting to know the diverse group of women who make up the Pistol Belles.

Mona loves to shoot and is a staunch believer in education and training, volunteering as coordinator of a grade school gun safety program. Handgun ownership is a complex topic and the author deftly presents all sides of a much debated, and often polarizing, issue. Whether you’re pro- or anti-guns, you’ll find much food for thought in Potluck and Pistols.



About the Author
Veronica Paulina is the author of Siege at Sorrel Rift: A Story in Sonnets. She enjoys target shooting and getting to know the wide variety of women who own guns and have a passion for shooting. Potluck and Pistols is her first novel.



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