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BLOOD AND BLUEBONNETS: A Texas Odyssey by Mack Mahoney


by Mack Mahoney

460 pages
A coming of age adventure in the deep south 1952

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Blood and Bluebonnets is a Waco, Texas odyssey. A remarkable chain of events occurs when a boy, throwing his paper route on a deserted road near dawn, has an unexpected encounter with serial killers. He is afraid to tell, but the phone calls and threats come anyway. They are after J.J. and his only hope is crusty old Texas Ranger Lacy Stackhouse, who insists on doing things his way.

Set in Waco, Texas in the summer of 1952, it explores the lifestyles and prejudices of that most interesting time and place. It is the tale of bigoted, pre-segregation era serial killers, versus a naďve teenage boy. When the bodies start turning up, things spin out of control involving the Negro community, the Klan, the upstanding citizens and the law, with J.J. caught in the middle. Nobody could predict what would take place.

This explosive coming of age adventure occurs prior to the civil rights era as many of the town’s buried secrets are exposed. If you think the most people killed in Waco at one time was at the Branch Davidian Compound, discover the truth in Blood and Bluebonnets.



About the Author
Mack was born and raised in Waco, Texas. He's a retired U.S. Navy Chief who served on nuclear submarines. He writes both novels and non-fiction books. He's the creator of the World’s Largest Collection of Original Greeting cards.



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