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The Bumble Gene by Beverly Fortenberry

The Bumble Gene

by Beverly Fortenberry

108 pages
A collection of personal mishaps

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Every one has good days and bad days. Most of the time how the day turns out depends on us, what we say and do. Have you ever said something or done something that when you think back on it you mentally wince and say to yourself, "why did I say that or do that?" We all have had those moments, but there are some of us who have this happen too often. These people are the master bumblers.

This book will expose you to the life of a master bumbler. Now I know you might be thinking that everyone makes mistakes and sometime stuff just happens. It's really nobody's fault. While this may have some truth to it, but master bumblers allow their imagination and their curiosity to override their common sense and this causes them to get into all kinds of scrapes and mishaps.

The author has a dominate genetic defect that over the years has caused some stellar episodes in grade school, college, the Navy, several banks, in London, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Australia and several smaller nations.

Most of us learn from our mistakes, but master bumblers can't seem to lead a 'bumble-free' life. The following little mishaps provide a warning of what could lie ahead for someone born with a Bumble Gene.



About the Author
Beverly has been a high school teacher, curriculum developer, bank training manager, consultant and regional director of cultural transformation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Throughout all the places and positions she has held, her career success has come despite battles with her Bumble Gene.



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