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by Michael Barnett

276 pages
Mickey suffers from night-terrors, what if the monsters are real?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Mickey Thorn has horribly frightening and realistic nightmares, almost nightly. When he awakes, the nightmare's grip still affects him to such a point, he can't tell the difference between the nightmare he was just having, and reality. Mickey knows he is suffering from night terrors . . . much worse than regular nightmares.

Lately, Mickey has begun to think of his night terrors in an entirely new way. What if, instead of bad dreams, this is real? In his frazzled mind, this bizarre notion actually makes sense to him. What if he really is being attacked by monsters from other worlds and dimensions? Oddly, compared to what he is already going through, this new idea doesn't frighten him. In fact, a part of his mind welcomes this possibility, and now he realizes that maybe he isn't the same person he once was . . . at all.



About the Author
Michael Barnett was born in Southern California in the late fifties, and now makes his home outside of Dallas, Texas. From a young age, he was profoundly interested in science fiction, watching every episode of the Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits. This interest finally turned into writing several years back.



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