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Lovers Lame by Robert Rudney

Lovers Lame

by Robert Rudney

272 pages
'Lovers Lame' is the novel that makes disability sexy.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Lovers Lame pulls open the curtain on the passionate, hidden universe of people with disabilities.

When David Levin, an acerbic, out-of work editor with left-side paralysis, wanders into a self-help group for job seekers with disabilities, his lonely and tightly controlled world is turned upside down. David grudgingly befriends a motley group of self-styled 'crips' and becomes infatuated with Jessica Cowan, a mercurial artist battling the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis.

David falls hopelessly in love, while Jessica insists on maintaining her distance as she comes to grips with her own tempestuous past. Their struggle with their own inner demons plays out against the backdrop of people with disabilities fighting prejudice and ignorance in a world that still excludes them.

Lovers Lame blazes new literary territory, capturing the life aspirations of the country's largest minority, the 55 million Americans with disabilities. It is a poignant love story and a plea for economic and social justice, seasoned with a dark humor that will ring true for anyone who has gone looking for love in all the wrong places.



About the Author
Robert Rudney Robert Rudney is a disability advocate, defense specialist, and aspiring oil painter. He previously headed EXCEL!, a disability employment self-help group in the Washington, DC area. He was a recipient of a 2008 Kennedy Foundation Congressional Fellowship and won the 2011 Defense Department Award as "Outstanding Employee with a Disability.'

Robert has published Op-Eds in The New York Times, Le Monde, and Los Angeles Times and co-authored four books in the international security field. He is married with three grown kids and lives in Vienna, Virginia.



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