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F-5 ASSAULT ON WACO: When the Legend Died by Mack Mahoney

F-5 ASSAULT ON WACO: When the Legend Died

by Mack Mahoney

234 pages
True story of devastating tornado destroying Waco, Texas in 1953.

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Category: History
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About the Book
In 1953, a devastating tornado slammed directly into downtown Waco, Texas, a city of about 85,000 people at the time. It was an F-5, the strongest possible, and the first time a powerful tornado struck the heart of a large city during business hours. It left a path of death and destruction that cannot be compared to any tornado before or since. Mack experienced its full wrath.

It was a life altering experience and this book is his true up-close and personal story of that dramatic event. He spent years researching and interviewing others who experienced the tornado and this book contains intimate accounts of their thoughts and experiences including actual photographs of the tornadic devastation.

Mack provides a comprehensive look at the tornado itself, scientific facts about tornadoes, the history of forecasting tornadoes, as well as tips on how to survive a tornado in different places and conditions, should you ever be so unfortunate as to encounter one.

In the first part of the book Mack presents a nostalgic glimpse of his family and life in Waco—in that era of segregation, a polio epidemic—when the cold war dominated headlines and nuclear conflagration seemed likely. He explains what life was like growing up in Central Texas in 1953, and provides interesting comparisons to how things have changed since then.

This is a compelling and heart-wrenching tale of an astounding event that, except for this book, may have become lost in the annals of time. No writer has ever chronicled the emotions, horrors, and anguish wrought by a “Wind From Hell” as well.

This book is appropriate for school age children, young adults and anyone interested in learning about tornadoes.



About the Author
Mack Mahoney was born in Waco, Texas. He is a retired Navy Chief who served on nuclear submarines. He writes fiction and nonfiction books and is the creator of over 8000 original greeting cards, and some are available as free "E-cards" or "print-your-own" cards.



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