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SLEEPING CRIMES by Joyce Slobogian


by Joyce Slobogian

220 pages
A book seller helps the police solve two murders.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
When Eric Delaney returns to Brandon after ten years away, he creates quite a stir in town. Eric had always been a snoop. After leaving Brandon he has turned his snooping talents into a successful career by writing books about the secret lives of the rich and famous. Now the plans a new book about secrets in his home town. Several people in the city have reason to worry about Eric’s homecoming.

Connie Anderson had been romantically involved with Eric when they both attended Brandon University. After he left without a word to her, she was angry and disappointed. Now, ten years later, Connie co-owns a mystery book store in Brandon. Recently, she has helped solving a real life mystery – finding the young daughter of a good friend, who had been abducted. She met and fell in love with Alan Bowering, a police officer involved in the search for the missing girl. Life is now good for Connie, and she has almost forgotten about Eric. His return brings back all the memories.

Rick Smithers is a professor at Brandon University, a weak character who had in the past been all too fond of his young female students. Eric had found out about it and had blackmailed him.

Rita Fleming is a popular teacher and a candidate for City Council. Her chances to win the election are excellent. But there is a secret in her life, and Eric Delaney knows something about it. His return to Brandon is a worry to Rita.

Frakes Construction is a well-known and successful company and Graham and Nancy Frakes are among the most prominent people in town. But they have something to hide. When Eric arrives in town, Graham Frakes becomes uneasy, since Delaney hinted in an interview about “plenty of hidden dirt in any town.”

When Eric is found beaten to death in his hotel room, the police find reasons to suspect a number of people, who seem to have motive and opportunity to have committed the crime.

Connie does some snooping around on her own, and provides the police with a number of hints. Then a second murder is committed and the investigation becomes more intense. The city is in an uproar over the murders and the tension escalates.

With one suspect dead, the police concentrates on the others. Connie puts her life on the line by continuing to investigate. Alan rescues her just in time, and she is able to point the finger at the murderer, who is then arrested.

At Christmas time, the killer is awaiting trial. The people involved in the case have made changes in their lives in the meantime. Connie plans to spend time over the Holidays at her family’s farm. She is surprised and pleased that Alan is coming along to meet her family. Their relationship has reached an important phase.



About the Author
Joyce Slobogian Joyce Slobogian has published many articles and short stories in international newspapers and magazines. She is now concentrating on writing mystery/suspense novels.

Sleeping Crimes is her second book in the Connie Anderson/Alan Bowering series.



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