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Point Zero One by Deborah Conklin and Brian Goodson

Point Zero One

by Deborah Conklin and Brian Goodson

282 pages
Learn how America's food, agriculture is vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Homeland Security and the Food and Drug Administration team up with the Centers for Disease Control and the USDA to deal with the reality of another attack on the United States. The assault takes place on many fronts and specifically targets our food sources. A variety of toxins and pathogens are deployed randomly at varying and numerous facilities and locations including grocery retail, agriculture and restaurants nationwide. In need of an immediate response, food-handling experts are recruited to assist, including Aaron Markson whose beloved fiancé is a doctor.

When her life is threatened by the inadvertent ingestion of botulism as a result of the attack, Markson gets personally motivated. Markson works hand in hand with the government agencies to end the vicious assault by following through on their budgetary-limited procedures, discovering along the way a variety of avenues of vulnerability for the terrorists to implement their horrific intentions. In a dramatic story, America is given a wake-up call to prepare for bioterrorism, an attack the government has already heavily invested in to prevent as it is believed to be a very real, perhaps inevitable possibility. While turning the pages and examining the statistics many may wonder if this is already occurring.

With dramatic and believable examples of social interaction represented by characters throughout the book, Point Zero One demonstrates how terrorists could effectively decimate our economy…

And destroy our way of life.



About the Author
Whether spear fishing on exotic Catalina Island or Lake Winnipesaukee, playing ice hockey, or fishing in southern Florida oceans, Brian S. Goodson, former Military Policeman, has always had a sense of adventure. Writing since the age of 12, he has been a freelance journalist nationwide. Brian S. Goodson is also a Federally certified food safety manager. All of these come together in dramatic fashion in his writing.

Deborah J. Conklin has traveled the world from Beijing to Lima, Peru, and has indulged in cultural cuisines most never imagine.



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