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BLOOD BIAS by James R. Tate


by James R. Tate

326 pages
Police Chief has to stop serial killer to save daughter

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
“Revenge is only a tourniquet for the bleeding soul”

Chief of Police Reese Glockman just thought he had problems, with his wife lying comatose in the hospital and his estranged daughter nowhere to be found, but things get dramatically worse when two murders dirty the quality of life in his town of Ferguson, Texas, creating doubt about his ability to objectively do his job, and maintain his sanity.

To make matters worse, an old acquaintance with the Houston FBI office wants Reese to step aside and let “the pros” handle the murders. Something about the case has the FBI convinced a serial killer is on the loose, and he’s branding his victims with a symbol of his past.

Reese tries to stay out of the way, but when his daughter suddenly appears out of nowhere to be at her mother’s bedside and becomes the latest pawn in the killer’s deadly game, it becomes personal, and nothing will stand in Reese’s way, not even the killer’s trail of blood, or mysterious band of accomplices.



About the Author
James R. Tate lives in southeast Texas. Inspiration for his award-winning writing comes from his love of books and a very active imagination. His publishing credits include short story pieces, magazine and newspaper articles and a young adult novel.



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