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ANGEL GUIDANCE: Messages of Love and Healing by Sharon Taphorn

ANGEL GUIDANCE: Messages of Love and Healing

by Sharon Taphorn

326 pages
Messages of Inspiration, Love, and Healing Contains Meditations and Affirmations.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
An expanded collection of the inspirational Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn, channeled by Sharon each day over the past 3 years.

This beautiful collections of messages offers guidance and practical tools to assist any spiritual seeker in finding light, love and healing along the way.

Sharon and the angels share positive wisdom and optimistic thoughts to help in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. Messages on surrendering and releasing, the immutable Laws of the Universe, such as The Law of Attraction, Free Will, and more. Gain a better understanding of your life purpose, being in service and unconditional love.

Each message contains an affirmation to help in consciously creating the life you were meant to live. There are tools to help with the symptoms of these shifting times and working in new vibrations. The angels teach us how love and unconditionally accept all things, regardless as to how they appear and to share that love with each other. There are messages that teach us how to connect with nature and how important our relationship is with the plants, the trees and the animals. How each part of earth experience is important and that each one of has something valuable and wonderful that is uniquely ours to share with each other and no one else can do it in exactly the same way. It takes a village to raise a child, the angels say it takes a village to raise anyone and we are all growing and evolving. When we are done growing and evolving here, we move on to grander things.

Many of these messages where written during my own healing journey through a debilitating workplace injury and helped me to keep my focus positive. On really bad days I would read and edit these pages as a way to have total focus on love and healing instead of the pain. Sometimes over and over again and was continually amazed that they seemed new each time and spoke to a different aspect of my journey. Each reading seemed like the first and offered me great solace.

Here are some quotes from readers:

"I've been meaning for sometime to tell you what a Blessing your Angel Wisdom has been for me. At times I've received very clear messages through them, and many times reading them has turned my day around. Thank you for your help with my journey."Peace,Lisa

"I don't watch the news, I read your Angel Wisdom every day!"
Love, Monica



About the Author
Sharon Taphorn Sharon Taphorn is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic and Earth-keeper She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her Radio program, articles and offers workshops on Healing, Empowerment and Expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empathic and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.



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