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THE MEMORY OF VINEGAR AND OIL: Origins Unified by Elide M. Beltram Ph.D.


by Elide M. Beltram Ph.D.

290 pages
psychology, anthropology, family, mind body spirit, travels, homeopathic medicine, astrology, food science.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
The Memory of Vinegar and Oil: Origins Unified is a semi-autobiographical novel based on the life of Dr. Elide'Beltram. She is a new scientist and psychoanalyst who searches for the meaning of life, death and love in her anthropological journey to Mongolia, Borneo, Morocco, Sulawesi, Italy, Spain and Greece. As she delves into the ritualistic cultures of each country, Elide discovers a bipolarity of forces in one shared atom which creates a pulse, a contraction and expansion, positive and negative in nature. In her studies of many cultures, Dr. Beltram begins to see this phenomenon every day, from the push and pull in relationships to the energy in music, gastronomy, astrology, psychology to homeopathic medicine...and in Vinegar and Oil.

On her adventures with her grandson and a research team, Swiss born Dr. Beltram has more to prove than her scientific theories. She must help her loved ones cope with alcoholism, suicide, bipolar disorder, cults, homosexuality and violence. Elide merges a harrowing past with a hopeful present, tackling issues within herself and others. With stunning prose she paints the distant landscapes of the Gobi Desert, the Jungle of Borneo, the romantic hills of Mongolia and the sounds of the Aegean Seas.

Elide' weaves in themes of science, music and even food science to add depth to her travels and experiences taking the reader on an emotional journey ranging from the depths of depression and abuse to the power of letting go of her victim identity and transforming into an example of the American dream.

YOU'LL LEARN, LOVE AND TRAVEL. You'll laugh and cry joining her research team and her 12 year old grandson on a Klatak in Kalimantan, on a camel or motorcycle on the Gobi Desert, or in an open window four seated aircraft flying with two loose monkeys. You'll train baby monkeys how to climb trees and you'll be able to stick out your tongue in Mongolia as a sign of friendship.

YOU'LL UNLOCK THE SECRETS with her psychoanalytic patients in the doctor's office in NEW YORK CITY in RARE EXCLUSIVE PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC SESSIONS.




About the Author
Elide M. Beltram Ph.D. Dr Beltram is a psychoanalyst, anthropologist and author of You Are Who You Hate: The Alchemy of Dissonance. She lived among the wild Orangutan of Borneo and taught language to dolphins in Hawaii. She created a therapeutic modality using music called Shadow Sound Therapy and taught languages at Manhattanville College.



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