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The Average Buddhist Explores the Dharma by Barbara Wilson Arboleda

The Average Buddhist Explores the Dharma

by Barbara Wilson Arboleda

116 pages
A humorous tour of Buddhism for application to everyday life.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
The Average Buddhist Explores the Dharma is a humorous, easy-to-read tour of Buddhist principles for everyday people who want to cultivate mindfulness and compassion such that it can be applied to daily life.

Modeled after the Buddhist spiritual classic, The Dharmapada, one topic is addressed per chapter, incorporating personal stories, observations and examples from popular media.

The combination of the text and the single-panel cartoons, featuring the lovable dharma-seeking dog, Buddhi, and his family, make the concepts both accessible and memorable.

Read The Average Buddhist Explores the Dharma and find out:

What does Mel Brooks have to do with the concept of No Ground?

What does Craving have to do with office supplies?

What does Karma have to do with a serving of broccoli rabe?

Is there a Middle Way to be found at the cinema popcorn counter?




About the Author
Barbara Wilson Arboleda has been an "Average" Buddhist since 1994. Introduced to the faith through the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, she practiced at the Cambridge Zen Center until moving further from the city. This prompted her to find creative ways to reach out to like-minded dharma seekers.



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