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Guess When I'll Puke by John McCabe

Guess When I'll Puke

by John McCabe

112 pages
Beaches, barf bags and exploding campfires - one family's hilarious adventures.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
If you're reading this, it’s either because you're a relative of mine or because you searched for a book with the word “puke” in the title. In both cases, you're a sick pup and this book is for you. It’s a humorous recounting of our travels in a Bill Bryson-esque style. We relive adventures with the pillaging Huns of the Tetons, exploding clay pigs in Appalachia and barfing on priceless national artifacts in Washington DC. In addition, we’re also donating 100% of the money we receive to a children's humanitarian charity.



About the Author
John is the father, husband, and friend everybody wishes they had. His wonderful sense of humor and warm personality shine through everything he writes. When he is not tending to his bees or working in his garden, John earns a living as a computer engineer.
-- Helene McCabe



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