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FUN IN THE SUN by Michael J. Kelly


by Michael J. Kelly

178 pages
A man's innocuous immersion in a freewheeling lifestyle places him in peril.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
"Is this how these people live?"--Dave Pender asked. If you were...newly divorced, a computer programmer or even a couch potato, and you were suddenly thrust into an exciting enounter group culture, you might ask the same question!

You're not Dave Pender, but if you were the indoor type, searching, (and all of the above) and popped into a hot tub of adventurers and freethinkers, might you, like him, be swept along by it? Maybe not you, but Dave saw a way to get from them the life he always wanted. In the end, though, he might wish to live an ordinary life again.



About the Author
Michael J. Kelly is a native Californian who spent years exploring many encounter groups, seminars and retreats held among the redwoods on the foggy coast or in little warm valleys in his home state. He now lives in the cold North of Portland, Oregon with his dog.



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