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THE SECRET OF BONNER HOUSE: Another Story of Adventure and Friendship for Kids Who Love Dogs, Ghosts, Angels and Best Friends - A Jenny & Pete Mystery by Hays Williams

THE SECRET OF BONNER HOUSE: Another Story of Adventure and Friendship for Kids Who Love Dogs, Ghosts, Angels and Best Friends - A Jenny & Pete Mystery

by Hays Williams

108 pages
What lies beyond the secret door in Bonner House’s basement?

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
After solving the dogman mystery, Jenny and Pete discover a secret door in her basement, shattering Jenny’s new feeling of security. They learn the door leads to a tunnel and some rooms. And someone is living there, someone Sam has already met. They assume it’s the homeless man who’s been seen around Hamilton for years. They figure out a way to become friends with the man and learn his name is Amos.

Amos tells them about himself, saying he and his family used to live in Bonner House. When Jenny hears his father’s name she remembers something she found in a hallway closet, something she planned to keep to herself. The horrible secret is directly connected to Amos. She and Pete are filled with pity and concern at what they learn about him, and about the secret place. They do some research on his family and find something they’re afraid to tell him.

When a woman is robbed, Amos becomes the main suspect. Jenny and Pete believe he is innocent and, with Bobby’s help, they start looking for a way to prove it. Someone went to a lot of trouble to frame Amos for the crime, right down to the unique clothes he wears.

They talk to Amos about leaving the secret place and having a normal life, but he’s too frightened to consider it. Jenny and Pete realize the only way to change his mind is to find his mother and sister, so Pete uses the Internet to search for them.

What about Amos’s father? Is it possible he’s alive? Amos believes he’s dead, but is still terrified of him after all these years.

The unanswered questions frighten Jenny. If Amos has been living in the secret rooms for forty years, how did he get to be so well spoken? Where does he get those overalls with the interesting patches, and how did the robber find identical overalls? Where have Amos’s mother and sister been all these years? And where were Amos and his friend, Miss Luna, planning to go? Can Jenny and Pete help this gentle kind-hearted man to return to society and have a real life? Are Bonner House and its occupants in danger because of the tunnel and its river entrance?

The thing that scares Jenny the most is the eerie blue light and the humming sound she and Pete experienced in the tunnel. What was that? Is it connected to the strange lights seen over Miss Luna’s little house by the river, or to the big shooting stars that travel in unusual patterns?

Something weird is going on in Hamilton. Jenny and Pete must find the answers.



About the Author
Hays Williams A former human-interest columnist and business writer, Hays Williams always dreamed of writing children’s fiction. The Jenny & Pete Mystery Series is a lifelong dream fulfilled. She and her husband have three children and seven grandchildren. They have all been an inspiration for her writing.



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