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GOVERNING OURSELVES: How Americans Can Restore Their Freedom by Harold Thomas

GOVERNING OURSELVES: How Americans Can Restore Their Freedom

by Harold Thomas

194 pages
A hopeful vision for a free society in America.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
What is freedom really like? Strange to say, most Americans do not really know. In the last hundred years, the system designed by the Founding Fathers has turned into a state that regulates every aspect of our lives.

In Governing Ourselves, Harold Thomas offers a hopeful vision of Americans living today in the country the Founding Fathers meant for us to have, but he does not stop there. He defines freedom and explains why freedom cannot exist without personal responsibility. He takes the reader on a quick walk through history to explain how the Founding Fathers came to understand limited government and rule of law. He then helps the reader understand how freedom can only exist in a society where the "four institutions": government, religious and non-profit organizations, the family, and the economy, are in balance.

The remainder of the book shows how we can safely and compassionately transition to a free society that addresses helping the needy, educating our children, ensuring opportunity for all, maintaining a sound currency, protecting our people from crime and foreign powers; and issues of economic and environmental sustainability.

Written in everyday language, no background in history, political science, or economics is necessary to understand and enjoy this book.



About the Author
Harold Thomas is a business analyst in Columbus, Ohio. A member of the Ohio Freedom Alliance, Harold speaks on liberty and current issues. He writes on libertarian topics in his blog, The Ohio Republic, and for other publications and websites.



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