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GODS OF EDEN by Gary Gabelhouse


by Gary Gabelhouse

374 pages
ancient aliens, alien disclosure, secret cabal, backward engineering, free energy

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Within the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe, anthropologist Gabe Turpin makes an impossible discovery. A secret cabal deploys a black-ops team to the site to recover Turpin’s relics and leave no survivors. Gabe escapes, and is relentlessly pursued across Africa, and to the mountains of Ecuador.

Only Turpin holds the TRUTH, as the lives of millions hang in the balance. And the only hope is for Gabe to meet those he believes want to destroy him and his discovery in order to keep humankind’s greatest secret from... DISCLOSURE.


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About the Author
Gary Gabelhouse Gabelhouse has lived and traveled throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. He has worked as a naturalist, biology teacher, dock worker, pastor, hod carrier, climbing guide, martial-arts instructor, magician, door man, river guide, security consultant, musician, and is currently an author of thrillers and CEO of a media-research firm.



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